Payment & Security

Payment & Security

Payment Methods

You can pay for the items through different payment methods.

– BANK TRANSFER PAYMENT & ATM PAYMENT (Buyers in Thailand only)

You may complete your payment by bank transfer payment via ATM or Internet Banking. Once you completed your payment, please confirm your payment by sending your payment slip (or Bank transfer slip, Pay-in Slip, or screen capture “Print Screen”) to e-mail address : cartelkids@gmail.com , Line ID @cartelkids or Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/cartelkids/ for send product to you.

KBank (Wang Burapha Branch)
Saving account number : 044-2-86581-7
Account Name : Ocean Legacy Co.,Ltd.

Bangkok Bank (Phlapphla Chai Branch)
Saving account number : 001-4-6111-4-9
Account Name : Ocean Legacy Co.,Ltd.

– After a product order has been placed, customers must wait for a confirmation email from CARTELKIDS. However, customers could check their status and purchase history 24 hours a day.
– CARTELKIDS reserves all rights to cancel or alter any identified conditions or agreements without prior notice.

Online order with Visa, MasterCard, American Express are secured by Paypal.


Billing note/Tax invoice

We will issue billing note/Tax invoice every order.

Example :

ตัวอย่างใบเสร็จ cartelkids