The Story of Cartel

Cartel is a high-end baby and kids’ clothing line which designed to target trendy and fashionable parents. The inspiration of Cartel is to create a kids’ wardrobe which differentiated from the mass majority of the market.

We strongly believed that the children’s clothing doesn’t always have to be revolving around the idea of cute animals or cartoons. Our philosophy is to create a unique design, a high-end quality street wears. The uniqueness of Cartel’s collection are expressing throughout our design; style, colors and even patterns.

Cartel is here to take children fashion’s industry to another level; to provide the cool looks for trendy parents and we will strive to become the new face in kids fashion’s industry. We believed every child deserved to look different from other ordinary kids. Come and witness our designs and witness it yourself, why Cartel is made for awesome kids.